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If you live in Australia (I’m guessing pretty much most of you do) HOLIDAYS have started!!! Yes we’ve been off for a couple of days already (or you already back at school depending which state you are in). Guess what that means?????? Books all day everyday! Because after a WHOLE term of having to do PE when you are wishing you are inside curled up in a comfy chair with a good book and your favourite drink, I think we deserve it! So for the next two weeks I have 7 books that I borrowed from the library yesterday because I’m poor and cannot buy my own books. And I am going on a long car trip next Sunday so BOOK REVIEWS!!!!!! So stay tuned to see the books I have borrowed and what I think of them!



Holidays just ended for me ;(. Also everyone on the website is from Australia, one of the terms is that you have to live in Australia

18th Apr, 18

Oh you poor guy!! Yeah I figured everyone was.

18th Apr, 18

Yay! Excited to see what books you've got to review.
Just finished my short holiday as well, so slightly jealous of your bookish freedom! :')

18th Apr, 18