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Well.... Its been a while

Hey there!

If you don’t remember me (don’t blame you if you don’t) I’m JemeliGrace and a lot of stuff has happened in the time that I have been gone.

Basically, I found out I had epilepsy and my nan died all within a couple of weeks of each other (whooo). So I was under a lot of stress because school and doctors appointments and adjusting to medication that this kinda just got shoved aside completely accidentally. And then today I started thinking about it again and was like “whoa I should get back into that” because I really enjoyed it.

And that’s basically all I wanted to say hopefully I will start writing blogs again and I have a book to review to write (The School for Good and Evil – A Crystal of Time).




Gosh that’s horrible! I’m glad you’re back on here <3

27th Mar, 19

OH NO! that must have been terrible, I'm so sorry about your Nan. I hope your doing better :)

28th Mar, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your Nan and health problems. Glad you like being here because we like having you here!

28th Mar, 19

Welcome back! Hope you're feeling okay :)

3rd Apr, 19